About Us

About AlurtMe

AlurtMe was created to help end users save time in their daily lives. The idea was created one Friday night while a few friends were sitting around enjoying a few beers. While discussing their favorite beers, it was brought to Ryan's attention that the beer he likes is only available for sale every few weeks. When it is available, it sells out in hours. Ryan's friends would consistently check a website for the beers availability every day until it was available and then drive an hour to make their purchase. Ryan thought there had to be an easier way - AlurtMe was born! The name is drived of the two words - alert and lure - hence AlurtMe. Our goal is to help simplify the daily lives of our users by giving them control of searching and being notified off when specific products become available. Our hope is that as our app becomes more versatile and robust our users will finally have control of their searches and no longer need to register for email distributions.